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A. P. Indyの産駒血統表


A. P. Indyの産駒一覧

PulpitA. P. IndyPreach1994f2f
ヒシナイルA. P. IndyKaties1994f7f
Tomisue's DelightA. P. IndyProspector's Delite1994f1x
Money MadamA. P. IndyMesabi1994f4m
パームシャドウA. P. Indyリュドゥパーム1994f14f
アーティストターフA. P. IndyFolk Art1994f17b
スウィートインディA. P. IndySugar Nipper1994f8f
AcceleratorA. P. IndyGet Lucky1994f1x
Runup The ColorsA. P. IndyUp the Flagpole1994f1x
Royal IndyA. P. IndyOn to Royalty1994f3m
P. T. IndyA. P. IndyReluctant Guest1994f9h
Indy VidualA. P. IndyI'm Splendid1994f5j
A. P. AssayA. P. IndyNice Assay1994f21a
Parade QueenA. P. IndySpanish Parade1994f1n
A. B. ProspectA. P. IndyWinged Prospect1994f22a
General RoyalA. P. IndyBald Facts1994f21a
Indy FlashA. P. IndyMirror Bright1994f9c
ヒシサタデーA. P. IndySacahuista1994f9f
Indy AmaA. P. IndyAm Capable1994f14f
Old TriesteA. P. IndyLovlier Linda1995f14c
インディペンデンスA. P. Indyインディアリングクオリティ1995f1x
ロードメイプルA. P. Indyメイプルジンスキー1995f1g
オステアアンティカA. P. IndyAntique Auction1995f9f
Weekend in IndyA. P. IndyWhow1995f3o
Golden MissileA. P. IndySanta Catalina1995f16c
SuperchargerA. P. IndyGet Lucky1995f1x
Lu RaviA. P. IndyAt the Half1995f8h
LetA. P. IndyNet Dancer1995f7
トーホウユカコA. P. IndyCrown Silver1995f21a
Crowd PleaserA. P. IndyCreaking Board1995f1w
Happy TuneA. P. IndyHum Along1995f1o
I'm Indy MoodA. P. IndyFlattering News1995f1c
TradingA. P. IndyMiner's Game1995f5c
Grand PrixA. P. IndyIrish Wave1995f6a
A. P. Indy's LadyA. P. IndyIslands1995f4g
アップマイスリーヴA. P. IndyGils Magic1995f12c
Youre Speeding LuvA. P. IndyLovage1995f20a
Indy Go GoA. P. IndyDixie Accent1995f1l
シンボリインディA. P. Indyゲーリックチューン1996f5f
サヤカA. P. IndySpectacular Sue1996f16c
Stephen Got EvenA. P. IndyImmerse1996f1l
ポストパレードA. P. IndySpanish Parade1996f1n
グリーンインディA. P. IndyValthea1996f16c
インディアナカーヴA. P. IndyAntique Auction1996f9f
ThrottleA. P. IndyMagical Maiden1996f12c
She's a WinnerA. P. IndyGet Lucky1996f1x
Court ReceptionA. P. IndyCourt Hostess1996f17b
ベルクラシックA. P. Indyベルピアノ1996f20
インディボールドA. P. Indyローミンレイチェル1996f2b
Reflect the MusicA. P. IndyLight on Your Feet1996f21a
LimboA. P. IndyNorthernette1996f4j
Gal from SeattleA. P. Indyサドラーズギャル1996f5h
キャシーズラブA. P. Indyキャシーズクール1996f9e
My SuccessA. P. IndyTowering Success1996f12c
CoverA. P. IndyGild1996f3e
ヒットザボードA. P. IndyDans l'Argent1996f8k
Casanova StarA. P. IndyMinstrella1996f17b
ConventA. P. IndyPreach1996f2f
Act DevotedA. P. IndyAlydariel1996f8c
アラタマインディA. P. Indyアセルティンズエンジェルス1997f2d
Malibu MoonA. P. IndyMacoumba1997f2s
レディテルライドA. P. IndyHighland Crystal1997f14f
FlirtatiousA. P. IndyGrand Charmer1997f9f
AptitudeA. P. IndyDokki1997f9f
Secret StatusA. P. IndyPrivate Status1997f8g
A. O. L. HayesA. P. IndyPossible Mate1997f4r
Festival of LightA. P. IndyAurora1997a4
Meghan's JoyA. P. IndyQueens Wild1997f1x
ウィンドサイレンスA. P. IndyWild Planet1997f4m
Silky FinishA. P. IndyHey Baba Lulu1997a1
Indy PowerA. P. IndyClever Power1997f9
Pete n' PeteA. P. IndyVia Sixtina1997f3b
Indy's PalomaA. P. IndyDaloma1997f2f
Private IndyA. P. IndyTopicount1997f3o
Lucky C. H.A. P. IndyMargaret Booth1997f2e
スターミーA. P. IndyCaerlina1998f16d
Camden ParkA. P. IndyDanzig Island1998f13c
A. P. ValentineA. P. IndyTwenty Eight Carat1998f16g
Indygo ShinerA. P. IndyNavarra1998f6d
クリアーパスA. P. IndyMasake1998f1n
Checkered FlagA. P. IndyShawnee Creek1998f1c
DynamixA. P. IndySacahuista1998f9f
Snake MountainA. P. IndyCoup de Genie1998f2d
インディパレードA. P. IndyFashion Setter1998f5h
With AbilityA. P. IndyWithallprobability1998f10d
SydenhamA. P. IndyCrystal Shard1998f10d
Indy Mood for LuvA. P. IndyLovington1998f16a
Indy PickA. P. IndyFantastic Find1998f20b
Indy GloryA. P. IndyImmerse1998f1l
Miss BrickyardA. P. IndyMagical Maiden1998f12c
ChanteleauA. P. IndyNavratilovna1998f2s
Cherokee RidgeA. P. IndyPueblo1998f8c
Miss KilroyA. P. IndyMiss Caerleona1998f4n
Rock SlideA. P. IndyProspector's Delite1998f1x
ZoriA. P. IndyWinglet1998f13c
GatherindyA. P. IndyGather the Clan1998f17b
MineshaftA. P. IndyProspector's Delite1999f1x
TemperaA. P. IndyColour Chart1999f14b
トゥルーサーパスA. P. IndyDancing Mirage1999f1o
Jump StartA. P. IndySteady Cat1999f16g
JilbabA. P. IndyHeadline1999f9f
Passing ShotA. P. IndyAucilla1999f16a
Charmed GiftA. P. IndyPotridee1999f2u
Indy KingA. P. IndyQueena1999f13d
Indian SnowA. P. IndyNovember Snow1999f16c
FlatterA. P. IndyPraise1999f1x
Fisher PondA. P. IndyChipeta Springs1999f2g
OlmodavorA. P. IndyCorrazona1999f9f
A. P. InterestA. P. IndyShared Interest1999f13c
Alumni HallA. P. IndyPrivate Status1999f8g
Delta PrincessA. P. IndyLyphard's Delta1999f20a
A. P. Five HundredA. P. IndyBanner Dancer1999f9f
Sweet CharityA. P. IndyBanker's Lady1999f1l
As ToldA. P. IndyGana1999f1r
Full MandateA. P. IndyClear Mandate1999f9f
Bit of the BubblyA. P. IndyBedroom Blues1999f1l
GliaA. P. IndyCoup de Genie1999f2d
ビッグインディA. P. IndyProspective1999f16a
Biscayne BayA. P. IndyFlanders1999f25
Luminous BeautyA. P. IndyCaerlina1999f16d
Tell SeattleA. P. IndyWon't She Tell1999f23b
Tricky IndyA. P. IndyBag of Tricks1999f21a
Aztec PearlA. P. IndyAurora1999a4
ZaafiraA. P. IndyOutstandingly1999f1x
TriangleA. P. IndyHomewrecker1999f4r
CongratsA. P. IndyPraise2000f1x
シンディA. P. IndyDance Design2000f23a
Indy Five HundredA. P. IndyLyphard's Delta2000f20a
Flying PassageA. P. IndyChic Shirine2000f13d
YellA. P. IndyWild Applause2000f1x
I Ain't P TA. P. IndyI Ain't Bluffing2000f9f
LiszyA. P. IndySilent Account2000f8g
Indy DancerA. P. IndyDance with Grace2000a29
In SecureA. P. IndyMorelia2000f9f
MingunA. P. IndyMiesque2000f20
Romantic ComedyA. P. IndyZagora2000f3d
FircroftA. P. IndyPemaquid2000f1c
オフジオールドブロックA. P. IndyChip2000f4m
AtswhatimtalknboutA. P. IndyLucinda K2000f2h
Lunar ColonyA. P. IndySolar Colony2000f23b
Ender's ShadowA. P. IndyGold Rush Queen2000f14c
Big CountryA. P. IndyFlanders2000f25
クイックジャイヴA. P. IndyFabulously Fast2000f2e
AlchemistA. P. IndyAldiza2000a4
A. P. PetalA. P. IndyGolden Petal2000f1n
Lindy WellsA. P. IndyLuna Wells2000f6e
Spin ControlA. P. IndyProspinsky2000f8c
New HarmonyA. P. IndyBattle Creek Girl2000f12c
AnasheedA. P. IndyFlagbird2000f1x
HandpaintedA. P. IndyDaijin2000f2n
A. P. AdventureA. P. IndyNataliano2001f1n
Friends LakeA. P. IndyAntespend2001f12d
GradepointA. P. IndyClass Kris2001f9e
SuaveA. P. IndyUrbane2001f17b
ピンロックリーA. P. IndyWhist2001f13c
DaydreamingA. P. IndyGet Lucky2001f1x
Lady NicholaA. P. IndyMacoumba2001f2s
Lovely RafaelaA. P. IndyCampagnarde2001f11g
ShanikoA. P. IndySapphire n' Silk2001f8c
True LegacyA. P. IndyHarbour Club2001f8c
Quick TemperA. P. IndyHalo America2001f8g
La ReinaA. P. IndyQueena2001f13d
RosbergA. P. IndyBosra Sham2001f22b
レディインディA. P. IndyFiji2001f2e
Ender's SisterA. P. IndyGold Rush Queen2001f14c
Mach SpeedA. P. IndyBay Harbor2001f6a
Crocker RoadA. P. INDYGallanta2001f3l
MuhayminA. P. IndyShadayid2001f14c
DancinandsinginA. P. IndyScoot Yer Boots2001f16h
Nor'WesterA. P. IndyPacific Squall2001f1n
AptA. P. IndyLiable2001f5h
Caught in the ActA. P. IndyCreaking Board2001f1w
CatbabyA. P. IndyCatinca2001a1
Open FlirtA. P. IndyWIth a Wink2001f9f
Leading the ParadeA. P. IndyMy Flag2001f6a
Indy FutureA. P. IndyEverhope2001f12c
Renaissance LadyA. P. IndyStorm Beauty2001f1g
Sweet SymphonyA. P. IndyBrandy Rose2002f16g
A. P. ArrowA. P. IndyGarimpeiro2002f9f
Master CommandA. P. IndyLady Lochinvar2002f1x
エキゾーストノートA. P. IndyExtraterrestral2002f1n
ScipionA. P. IndyStrawberry Reason2002f1s
Saint AnddanA. P. IndyAdoradancer2002f4m
Indian ValeA. P. IndyMarley Vale2002f9f
Admiral's CruiseA. P. IndyLadies Cruise2002f9f
Dance with RavensA. P. IndyDance Smartly2002f23b
GratA. P. IndyLikeable Style2002f1w
Indy StormA. P. IndyUnbridled Wind2002f8h
Indy WindA. P. IndyZagora2002f3d
QuasimodoA. P. IndyMiss Lenora2002f20a
CampionessaA. P. IndyPacific Squall2002f1n
Sea GiftA. P. IndyOcean Queen2002f2f
Brilliant DisguiseA. P. IndyJersey Girl2002f14b
コムフレイA. P. IndyMyhrr2002f20
Light from AboveA. P. IndyVery Special Lite2002f7c
Patriot ActA. P. IndyClassic Value2002f9e
Don't Tacha MeA. P. IndyTacha2002f5h
Floating IslandA. P. IndyBallerina Princess2002f4m
Spun SilkA. P. IndySpunoutacontrol2002f2f
Soul SearchA. P. IndySolar Colony2002f23b
ClassicismA. P. IndyColour Chart2002f14b
Red HappyA. P. Indyレッドキャット2002f11d
SungoldA. P. IndyQueen's Word2002f2e
Magnificent HonourA. P. IndyBetter Than Honour2002f8f
BernardiniA. P. IndyCara Rafaela2003f4m
Just as WellA. P. IndyNo Matter What2003f17b
TeammateA. P. IndyStarry Dreamer2003f4r
A. P. WarriorA. P. IndyWarrior Queen2003f4j
Flanders FieldsA. P. IndyFlanders2003f25
AltesseA. P. IndyAldiza2003a4
リアルエクスペクテイションズA. P. IndyEducated Risk2003f5f
She's Indy MoneyA. P. IndyNany's Sweep2003f1w
A. P. XcellentA. P. IndyExing2003f4n
Portrait of a LadyA. P. Indyライール2003f14c
MoraviaA. P. IndyGold Canyon2003f9f
KotukuA. P. IndyFlagbird2003f1x
Angel CraftA. P. IndyMonaassabaat2003f4k
UnkatzableA. P. IndyKatz Me If You Can2003f14c
Crystal CurrentA. P. IndyDream Supreme2003f7f
Feathered DiamondA. P. IndySometimesadiamond2003f22a
ノーブルウーマンA. P. IndyPrincess Atoosa2003f19
Beautiful DanieleA. P. IndyKelli Cat2003f19c
SaharienneA. P. IndySahara Sun2003f2d
Rags to RichesA. P. IndyBetter Than Honour2004f8f
TellingA. P. IndyWell Chosen2004f4c
Boca GrandeA. P. IndyCountry Hideaway2004f1g
SerenadingA. P. IndyDaijin2004f2n
MarchfieldA. P. IndyPico Teneriffe2004f4m
LomakiA. P. IndyDebit Account2004f1x
PavarottiA. P. IndySnow Forest2004a5
EquitableA. P. IndyEquilibrate2004a29
Listen A. P.A. P. IndyEcoute2004f4j
OrateA. P. IndyPreach2004f2f
Modesty BlaiseA. P. IndyChimes of Freedom2004f8f
WindyindyA. P. IndyUnbridled Wind2004f8h
A. P. DreamA. P. IndyDream Supreme2004f7f
Poco MasA. P. IndyAdel2004f20a
Chhaya DanceA. P. IndyShade Dance2004f14b
Sahara HeatA. P. IndySahara Gold2004f21a
Cabbage KeyA. P. IndyMayville's Magic2004f3l
Dance with DovesA. P. IndyDancethruthedawn2004f23b
Twisted SisA. P. IndyTwist Afleet2004f4m
Philly's PhillyA. P. IndyDreamlike2004f2d
Indy's WindyA. P. IndyBanshee Winds2004f8h
MesmericA. P. IndyToussaud2004f6d
A. P. TestA. P. IndyThe Bink2004f3l
Catch the ThrillA. P. IndyCatch the Ring2004f12b
UseewhatimsayingA. P. IndyLucinda K2004f2h
Ella BirdA. P. IndyPrincess Atoosa2004f19
CaressiveA. P. IndyCaress2004f1x
Music NoteA. P. IndyNote Musicale2005f4k
マジェスティックウォリアーA. P. IndyDream Supreme2005f7f
Little BelleA. P. IndyDubai Belle2005f1x
EldaaferA. P. IndyHabibti2005f23b
You and I ForeverA. P. IndyYou2005f11f
AdrianoA. P. IndyGold Canyon2005f9f
ニューチャプターIIA. P. IndyHeadline2005f9f
JudpotA. P. IndyMiesque2005f20
DanceinthesunlightA. P. IndyDancethruthedawn2005f23b
Indy BlazeA. P. IndyFire the Groom2005f3d
Big Sink StarA. P. IndySimadartha2005f2d
VaulcluseA. P. IndyBetty's Pet2005f16h
AlaazoA. P. IndyAtelier2005a4
NumaanyA. P. IndyMunnaya2005f14c
ハピネスフォーユーA. P. Indyソフォリフィク2005f11
With Flying ColorsA. P. IndyMy Flag2005f6a
AsbeautifulasyouA. P. IndySanta Catarina2005f8h
Interior DesignA. P. IndyColour Chart2005f14b
Timely AdviceA. P. IndyConfessional2005f23b
FlashingA. P. IndyMorning Pride2006f14c
GirolamoA. P. IndyGet Lucky2006f1x
Friesan FireA. P. IndyBollinger2006f2c
Eye of the LeopardA. P. IndyEye of the Sphynx2006f2h
El CrespoA. P. IndyCommodities2006f5c
Tranquil MannerA. P. IndyComposure2006f9b
Pinckney HillA. P. IndyJemima2006f4l
Alpha SpiritA. P. IndyWild Spirit2006f1l
Indy BusinessA. P. IndyMining My Business2006f4d
SundarbanA. P. IndyDesert Tigress2006f1g
A. P. CindyA. P. IndyCologny2006f20
On a RollA. P. IndyGold Rush Queen2006f14c
Delta RhythmA. P. IndyDelta Music2006f1x
Eye On JacobA. P. IndyEscena2006f13c
False ImpressionA. P. IndyClassic Elegance2006f3i
ミリオンセラーIIA. P. Indyミリオンギフト2006f1g
ナイトオブザオペラA. P. IndyJena Jena2007f9f
HotepA. P. IndyEye of the Sphynx2007f2h
Stratford HillA. P. IndyHarmony Lodge2007f16g
WorldlyA. P. IndyUrbane2007f17b
Take ControlA. P. Indyアゼリ2007f1l
A. P. BabyA. P. IndySeeking the Heart2007f9f
PerceiveA. P. IndyUnbridled Elaine2007f12b
Beta LeoA. P. IndyDenebola2007f2d
Strawberry SenseA. P. IndyStrawberry Reason2007f1s
Sunday AffairA. P. Indyミリオンギフト2007f1g
ProtestingA. P. IndyOn Parade2007f6a
ChimayoA. P. IndyChimichurri2007f17b
AstrologyA. P. IndyQuiet Eclipse2008f16a
Love and PrideA. P. IndyIle de France2008f4m
Clear AttemptA. P. IndySilent Sighs2008f5h
CentringA. P. IndyComposure2008f9b
Believe In A. P.A. P. IndyI Believe in You2008f11
Raison d'EtatA. P. IndySightseek2008f23b
Globe TrotA. P. IndyTrip2008f13c
Kinda SpicyA. P. IndyIsola Piu Bella2008f7
LoureA. P. Indyラヴィングプライド2008f8h
Coral SunA. P. IndyPleasant Dixie2008f13c
Take Charge IndyA. P. IndyTake Charge Lady2009f22c
StephanoatseeA. P. IndyOatsee2009f2f
RaconteurA. P. IndyMiss Kate2009f9f
Por Que' Te QuieroA. P. IndySensation2009f1l
In Dy RitzA. P. IndyRitzy Dame2009f4m
Indyan GivingA. P. IndyFleet Indian2009f1x
NashindyA. P. IndyNashinda2009f11c
Rare EventA. P. IndyOur Rite of Spring2009f16h
Divine PresenceA. P. IndyDivine Proportions2009f1l
Dreaming of JuliaA. P. IndyDream Rush2010f1n
IncognitoA. P. IndyOctave2010f3e
AntipathyA. P. IndyLove Style2010f1w
Long RiverA. P. IndyRound Pond2010f20d
Majestic RiverA. P. IndyTempus Fugit2010f21a
Deceptive VisionA. P. IndyEye of the Sphynx2010f2h
Minnie MacyA. P. IndyMiss Macy Sue2010f1r
Honor CodeA. P. IndySerena's Cat2011f7
Got LuckyA. P. IndyMalka2011f1x
CommissionerA. P. IndyFlaming Heart2011f2f
AmericaA. P. IndyLacadena2011f8f
ArethusaA. P. IndyMiss Coronado2011f4n
Secret SomeoneA. P. IndyPrivate Gift2011f8g
Cassis RoyaleA. P. IndyCassis2011f1o
You Make Luvin FunA. P. IndyTaegu2011f3i